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In the winter of 1996 Francois Orton resigned his corporate position to create what we today celebrate as our business. Through his visionary thinking, dedication and drive he laid the foundation for a business that could deliver on his strategy for a recruitment agency that is “Simply effective”. To this day, we strive to live out that ethos and vision.

We are fortunate to be associated with some of our clients, since our inception and proud to stand in long term relationships with almost all our clients. Some of the very first employments we made, are still in the employ of the companies that we placed them in, now in more senior positions. Although we are humbled by this, it serves to prove that partnerships, with all parties in the employment relationship, creates lasting rewards.

Our aim is to be fully up to date with our clients – this includes their culture, their management styles, personalities and their unique preferences and dislikes. We partner with our clients, we give them our full attention, and we regard their business as our business. We add value wherever we notice a need, being respectful of our role in the relationship.

We believe that if you want to find the best people to grow your business, you must first invest some time and energy in deciding exactly what you need. This may be our strongest point – assisting you to find out exactly what you need, and then finding a candidate that would fulfil that need. We have obviously made mistakes, but are proud to say that mistakes were fixed at no cost to clients.

We have recruitment experience across a broad range of industries. We have successfully placed a number of senior placements but is also well aware of the value of placing a junior candidate – The pawn can be just as valuable an asset as the queen – and which is more – the pawn can become a queen.

We take pride in our work. We have integrity. We are dedicated and we are loyal to a fault. We would rather not place a candidate if there is the slightest doubt about the candidate. We are thorough and have good attention to detail. We investigate, we complete as many checks and references as the role requires (referrals, criminal check, credit checks, practical tests and psychometric testing).

As partnership is key, we partnered with staff and suppliers that are reputable, reliable and dedicated – including a wide array of job search portals, databases, biometrics practitioners and a psychometrist.

You are passionate about your business, you are dedicated to the bottom line and you demand exceptional service – we are proud to refer you to our reputation and track record to answer the simple question: “Should we partner with those guys?”

If labour is a relationship – we are the matchmaker and in the end, the relationship starts with us.

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